July 22, 2024

Delivery, Payment

Delivery, Payment


You buy us chemical research, you do not want to have a delay. Delays means supported money. Delays mean deterioration, which you do not need. Make payments with confidence. We guarantee reliable delivery. ChemPerfect.com guarantees every delivery.

Airmail 4-6, € can take up to 7-25 business days within the EU, up to 30 business days outside the EU. No insurance and track code.
DPD 10 € – 15 €. Provides track code, delivery times up to 5 days for the EU.
POSTNLTRACKED from 17 € – 30 €, Provides track code, delivery times up to 25 days within the EU, up to 30 working days outside the EU.
UPS 20 € – 40 €. Provides track code, delivery times up to 25 days within the EU, up to 30 working days outside the EU.
DHL 20 € – 50 €. Provides track code, delivery times up to 2-5 days for the EU.

chemperfect.com guarantees every delivery. And when we say that we guarantee delivery, we do not just mean that your goods arrive on time and on time. We are looking for ways to deliver reliable and fast delivery.

Every product is delivered, we provide complete information where it is, and what’s wrong with it, if something went wrong, and we ship it again, and we pay all your losses.

ChemPerfect.com can say with confidence that your shipment will reach you and reach you on time. Delivery time is from 3 to 18 days from the date of sending the order. When ordering and paying for goods, sending and assembling goods within 24 hours and not later.


We have established relations with the customs authorities.

Before we opened our modern pharmaceutical plant, we were sure that we established strong relations with customs authorities and supervisory bodies. Our factory in India and China together with absolutely new means of research. Our company is convinced that we have contacted the right people with the National Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, as well as managing the common property of customs of Southeast Asia, so that there will be no problems. In the near future, we plan to open our office in one of the European countries, which will make the delivery faster and more convenient for our customers. At the moment we have our own warehouse in EU, which makes delivery in Europe with 100% speed from 2 to 7 days.
We made sure that we did everything for our work so that you could receive the order in time. Good relations with courier services Shippers are also of great importance.


PAYMENT crypto

Some payment methods are available to us:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Monero(XMR)
  • Litecoins (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cach (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Payeer (only EU)
  • Riamoney / Minimum amount 1000 EUR (also transfer fee)
  • Money Gram / Minimum amount 1000 EUR (also transfer fee)

If you have a question about payment and delivery, you can contact our manager and ask him any questions: