June 14, 2024

17 thoughts on “Dipyanone

  1. Hello. On Friday I am going to make a purchase of Dipyanone 50 g and Etonitazepyne 50 g. I am in the Netherlands and have questions about delivery. Please contact me and we will discuss my purchase. Thank you.

  2. I sent you a request for 1 kg of Dipyanone and 500 g of Etonitazepyne. Only express delivery, I will pay extra, send me your bitcoin address. Thanks.

  3. Hi, this is not a bad start, I would like to buy Dipyanone 100 g and try chemical research with new substances that you can recommend to me. You can send free samples along with my order, this will save time, as I definitely want to know what I will buy from you on a regular basis. Thank you my friend.

  4. Hi, you did not sign what kind of sample is it? I wrote to you on your e-mail and did not receive a response while. You can delete the comment after the answer. Waiting.

  5. Hi,

    Interested in acquiring some of this along with a few others. What is success rate/originating country/timing of shipping to Canada? I’ve had so many orders seized by customs in the past. I need a reliable supplier. Will you also send samples?

  6. Let me know if dipyanone is available? I would like to test the quality of your product. Do you ship to USA? Do you provide a tracking code?

  7. Do you ship your products to North America? I want to get Dipyanone or something similar. For scientific purposes only. What chemicals can you send me?
    I will be glad of any answer. Have a nice day.

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