May 27, 2024

7 thoughts on “5-Aminoisotonitazene

  1. Will you ship benzimidazole opioids to the USA? I order 50-100 grams regularly. Send me your reply if possible …, I would be happy to hear from you 24/7.

  2. 5-aminoisotonitazene is in stock? What are the newest active opioids you have available? I am very interested and plan to choose and make a purchase.

  3. I wrote to your e-mail but an error came back. Is 5-Aminoisotonitazene in stock? Do you still ship from the USA? Thank you

  4. 5-aminoisotonitazene is available? I’m looking for strong opioids in liquid form. 5-aminoisotonitazene suits me, but there are delivery requests, I would like to discuss this before placing an order.
    I have written to you, but I have not received a response yet, I hope you will contact me.


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