July 22, 2024

18 thoughts on “Metonitazepyne

  1. What can you ship to me in the USA from opioids and sedatives? I will be glad to hear the prices as well. Thanks.

  2. Is it possible to buy samples? Just enough to test it for quality.
    Do you ship to Sweden?
    If you do, is customs ever a problem?

  3. I want to make a review about your online shop. Could you provide me some samples or one sample of metonitazepyne 1 or 2 grams? I want to write about the purity of your products. Contact me, you won’t regret it.

  4. Have you shipped my samples? From our conversation, I understood that you provide free samples or did I misunderstand you? Why don’t you answer? I could write a review on you and recommend your site to customers. It’s a pity that you don’t answer.

  5. My order is 00229, I became aware that the package was stuck at customs, what to do? You promised to ship my package again if my parcel gets lost is that so? Will you keep your word? I wrote to you by e-mail but have not yet received a response from you. I would be very grateful if you send my package again. I am ready to provide new data, first name, last name, address.

  6. I need a 1-2g sample before purchase to check quality and shipping. I am willing to cover the cost if the package arrives and the quality is consistent. My order will not be less than a kilogram and bonuses for the sample.
    I will be glad to hear from you.

  7. hi
    would like a regular supply of opiate cira 20-30x stronger than morphine or heroin with similar half life can u help please
    serious enquirie

    1. hi could not reply via protonmail
      delivery would b to uk hope that ok where do u deliver from?
      otherwise looks great

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