July 22, 2024

35 thoughts on “Buy U-47700 new

  1. Everything is good, the goods received. I liked everything, I like the quality, I will take more. What are the discounts for future orders? I would like to take 2-3 kg

    1. Hello! At 2 orders you get a 10% discount. With 3 orders 20% discount and with 4 orders you get a 30% discount. But with repeated orders from 1 kg I can make a discount of 20%.

  2. Can you send a sample of U-47700 before bulk order? Lot of money I like to know it’s good. I will pay for shipping. I know it’s expensive. Let me Know. Thanks

  3. You offer a nice list of various. Materials , We are presently Doing the additional research details concerning the materials listed, i belive wikipedia and other material sites have further history and legal processing information . when all is complete we will make a secure selection. Thank you for your professional business.

  4. I would like to buy some W-15 and some U-47700 can I buy a smaller sample of maybe 2g each, please let me know asap and let me know how long it will take to get to Canada and if you have a rushed mailing system.

  5. Very satisfied, I’m interested in a discount when re-ordering, I want to take more, what discounts are provided, I was sent a price cheaper?

  6. Hey man! I want to make an order, but you do not answer me. I want to place an order for 2100 dollars. Contact me.

  7. Yes, I am looking for a chemical for research purposes very close to the structure of hydromorphone. Do you have anything similar in strength, purity, ph, and solubility?

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