June 14, 2024

94 thoughts on “Buy Troparil

  1. Hello,
    my Question is if you have also WIN 35428 Tropane? Can you order this if you havn’t this Product?
    best regards from Germany,


  2. Ok I’m going to try and obtain a reagent grade laboratory sample for the purpose of obtaining a unique thermoluminescent signature using our novel and quite frankly unorthodox methods of chemical engineering and identification. I believe that a 10 gram quantity would be a good starting point for this particular material.

  3. Hi! I wanted to order 100 grams, contact me as soon as possible. What are the terms? How much does it cost to ship to the Netherlands? Can I pay for the WU or bitcoin to you more conveniently?

  4. Hi, I want to order 10 grams of Troparil and 10 grams of u-48800. How much does the delivery and terms for Sweden cost? Contact me.

  5. Hi, I need a few kilos a week, start with 100 grams. I live in Germany, how much will delivery and delivery time cost?

  6. Hi ,
    Is it possible to order 50g of troparil ?
    I live in France . And Please can you say me the Price with sent ? And How can I pay you ?

  7. Hi ,
    Is it possible to order 50g of troparil ?
    I live in France . And Please can you say me the Price with sent ? And How can I pay you ?

  8. Hi, I filled out the form to place an order, but you did not answer me, payment information does not come to me. Why? I am ready to order for a start 100 grams

  9. I filled out the order form and sent you my address, indicated the method of payment for bitcoin, but the confirmation and information for paying for my order does not come to me. Contact me, I want to buy your product, thanks

  10. Is Troparil still in stock? How much can you supply to Italy? Answer as soon as possible, thanks.

  11. Hi, I want to take a 10 gram sample for research purposes, contact me as soon as possible, thanks

  12. ok, we can go further. my order is 100 grams to the same address, I will pay for the shipping myself.

  13. Hi, I wrote to you by e-mail, I understand that you are busy. I’m ready to go further, my order is 100 grams. This time I need express delivery, I am ready to pay you extra. I look forward to your reply, contact me as soon as possible.

  14. Hi can you send me Troparil 1 kilogram today or tomorrow? I wrote to you an hour ago, but you have not answered me. I hope for your reply.

  15. Hello. I created a new order for the delivery of Troparil. I want to order 200 g. This time you can deliver through dhl, and not ups? How much is it? Do you send small samples Etonitazepyne and Dipyanone with my order?

  16. I need a better substitute for cocaine. Will Troparil fit? Or what can you suggest? Please send me the prices immediately. I will be grateful to you.

  17. Nice. Thank you, I appreciate your help. I want to try more of your products
    Ald-52 100 x 150mcg / blotter
    Dipyanone 5 G.
    4C-Mar 10G
    Please send a total amount, add the delivery of Express and your Bitcoin address. Thanks.

  18. Troparil available? Delivery from the EU? My friend recommended you, please give me some of your time, I have a few questions about delivery before payment.

  19. Troparil or rti-111 is in stock 100-200 g? I would like delivery not from China. Get back to me as soon as possible. respectfully

  20. Interested in research substances Troparil, 4F-4-Mar, 3-HO-2′-Oxo-PCE. Are they in stock? Do you deliver to Germany? Thanks

  21. Our company wants to cooperate with you and we want to purchase some of your chemicals. Let me know if you have Troparil, Deoxymethoxetamine, Etonitazepipne, O-DSMT, Dipyanone, 3-Chlorinephenmetrazine in stock? Please send us the prices of 5-10g, 1000g of what is available from the above, as well as your btc address.

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