July 22, 2024

14 thoughts on “Buy Etonitazene

  1. Hi guys, I would like to take 1-2 grams per sample, how much should I pay in BTC? Delivery to Tennessee, thank you for your attention.

  2. I want to evaluate the quality of your Etonitazene and Isotonitazene and become your regular customer. Have any shipping questions, contact me as soon as possible.

        1. Im wondering if u have ordered from these guys as ive been wanting to also order etonitazene as well as other stuff and need to find out if they are legit

          1. I received a package of isotonitazene instead of ethonitazene, they do not have ethonitazene in stock now, they told me so

          2. Okay great so there atleast legit then…thank you as ive been really needing to order from someplace and this seems good im just always paranoid about getting ripped off so its held me back so far from plaving an order. How was the stuff you got was it strong?

  3. Hi Im looking to Purchase how do i go about this, I live in California, and also do you take credicards or do i need to buy bitcoin

  4. Just made a purchase and they went out of there way to make me some A4 sized blotters for no extra charge. I will keep everyone posted on the out come sheen i receive my order. But so far they have been really helpful. And kept up with email with in a few minutes usually..

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