June 14, 2024

43 thoughts on “Buy Isotonitazene

  1. I want to get Isotonitazene 5000 mg 290 €, I filled out the order form, but I do not receive information to pay. What should I do?

  2. now placed an order Isotonitazene 1000 mg 140 €, waiting for your decision sir, I hope you will not refuse me

  3. Hi, can I get 1 (1) gram of several (5) opioids? I am ready to pay for the delivery myself

    1. Delivery by regular mail or via UPS is included in the order value over 250 EUR. Express shipping at extra cost. Check your email please.

  4. Hey. I have placed an order, but I have not received a notification to pay for the order. Give me your bitcoin wallet, thanks.

  5. Hey. I am ready to go further and place an order for 100 grams of Isotonitazene and 100 grams of map-237, the recipient’s address and payment will be sent after your reply
    Regards Daniel

  6. Hi. I am looking for an isotonitazene supplier and I heard that you have a decent quality product. I have regular clients in several cities and I will take 1-2 kilos a week. I need delivery without delay. Waiting for your reply, respectfully

  7. nice, very nice, while everything suits me, but ordering isotonitazene becomes a problem, this time I want to get metonitazene 10 gram test or some good alternative to isotonitazene, your advice is very valuable to me, I am looking forward to your reply, thanks.

  8. Is Isotonitazene or U-47700 available? Are the alternatives equal? You have been recommended to me, I look forward to your reply, have a nice day.

  9. Hello,

    I was wondering what the most potent opioids you have in stock are that have not yet been made illegal in Canada? Very interested in buying in bulk, if I could be provided with some more information on your pricing/inventory as well that would be very much appreciated..

    Papa G

  10. Hey is Iso still available? If not I want to still order 50g of your most potent opiod. Maybe proto or Eton? Your advice will be much appreciated as you have been referred to me. Thanks and I look foward to your reply

  11. Looking for iso or next best thing just want to do a test run to make sure everything is 100 .after I make sure everything’s good I’ll buy alot of bulk. Thanks

  12. I would like to buy 50 – 100 grams iso or stronger stuff.please let me know the prosaic and all the stuff u got

  13. I would like samples of all the opiates.. 1 gram of each.. also, can you put them in order for us to look at, from strongest to weakest? I am leaning toward brorphorine because I am a big fan of #PurpleDope.. I’m going to get 1/2 kg to start once I decide

  14. Hello it says you will ship this but not the brown version to the US. I would like to order samples asap. If quality is good and shipping can be guaranteed. Or resent if nabbed at customs then I would be a cannabinoid multi KG customer Along with many others please just email me info about all opiates, noids, benzos, troporil or rti-111 and also if you have any of the new MXE replacements. Believe me it will be worth every minute of your time.

  15. My friend, I was ready to pay, but you didn’t answer me anymore and didn’t provide the payment address. What should I do? I want to buy isotonitazene.

  16. I was told that you are a reliable supplier and you can deliver me excellent opioids and benzo. Do you have isotonitazene and etizolam available? If not in stock, what can you offer me? How fast is the delivery to Canada? Thanks

  17. Hello dear chemperfect.com. I am in the USA and I am interested in the supply of isotonitazene or a similar opioid If you can supply on a regular basis, please contact me, I will buy a lot from you and regularly. My friends have recommended you and I have already written to you by e-mail, I really hope for your answer. Thank you for your attention.

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